Welcome to East Sacramento Youth Soccer Club

The East Sac Youth Soccer Club aims to make our neighborhood a better place for children and youth who master and enjoy playing soccer while learning physical and social development life skills.


Designed with passion and commitment to fostering a love for the beautiful game, our program provides a dynamic and supportive environment for young players to develop their skills, build friendships, and embrace the joy of soccer.

For those interested in a higher level soccer playing experience. We have 6 competitive Boys and Girls teams and would love to add more.

Our competitive tryouts are in May. More details to come very soon!

Helpful Information

Sacramento Parks and Rec Status Line


Contact the Field Status Line at (916) 808-2336 three (3) hours prior to scheduled field use to establish if the City has closed the fields due to rain, or other circumstances.

RAINOUTS: Sacramento fields are subject to closure due to rain. We will email all members ASAP when this occurs.

SMOKE:  When the Air Quality index is 130 (unhealthy) all games and practices will be canceled.

HEAT INDEX:  When the temperatures reach 103 all games and practices will be canceled.


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