U6 Program

The U5 and U6 Program is a fun, supportive and exciting co-ed introduction to soccer and team sports. Our hope is that our players will begin to develop skills, character and a love for the game of soccer.


This is often a player's first experience with soccer, so we aim ensure your player is supported by coaches who will provide them with fun soccer skill-building exercises, but also create a safe, encouraging and positive environment.


  • Teams will be formed by the end of July and practices may begin practicing August 14.
  • Coaches will contact families by August 1.
  • U6 teams typically practice twice a week for 30-45 minutes.
  • After school begins, Coaches may decide to reduce the number of practices per week.
  • Practices usually continue until daylight is insufficient.
  • Games begin September 7th and are only held on Saturdays.

Game Format

The East Sacramento Youth Soccer Club has adopted the Small-Sided Games Format recommended by the US Youth Soccer Association for all Under 6 programs. The small sided format is designed to increase the number of touches each player has with the ball, while promoting an active, engaged, fun soccer experience. Small sided games keep players involved by limiting the number of players on the field, (the ESYSC utilizes a 3 v. 3 format), and playing on a much smaller field with limited play stoppages. The action is designed to teach the basics of soccer and team play in a non-competitive environment. U6 is a cooperative program, and ESYSC expects all coaches to do their best to ensure that all players, not just those on their team, have a positive experience.


With fewer players on the field, players have a greater opportunity to play more meaningful minutes. They will be involved in the game, with or without the ball, much more than in a full-sided game, creating more chances for learning and improvement. Reading the game and decision making are some of the most important qualities for a player that will benefit from playing small sided games.


Teams play two concurrent 3v3 games on two small fields, playing three players at a time on each field. Each game is divided into 4 quarters, 8-minutes each quarter, with a 3-minute break in between each quarter. There are no goalies in U6 play, and score is not kept.


All games are played at:

East Portal Park  located at 1120 Rodeo Way, Sacramento, CA 95819

U5 Games are played on either Field A or B in the Lower Bowl Area.

U6 Games are played on either Field A or B in the Upper Ball Diamond area.