U10/12 Program

East Sacramento Youth Soccer Club’s U10 and U12 age groups play in the Capital Soccer Alliance (CSA); a playing league comprised of Davis Legacy Recreational Program, Delta United of Clarksburg Youth Soccer League,  Greenhaven Soccer Club, Land Park Soccer Club, Natomas Youth Soccer League and River Park Soccer Club.


The variety of clubs in the CSA allows for multiple, well-balanced divisions in each age group; bringing increased competition, while preserving CSA’s and ESYSC’s core values of sportsmanship and player development.


The introduction of goalkeepers, bigger fields, new rules and score keeping can add a layer of intensity to the games. While we encourage competition, all CSA clubs are dedicated to keeping the atmosphere positive for all participants.


The CSA Club partnership has a zero tolerance policy for violent, threatening or abusive (verbal or physical) behaviors by any player, coach, parent, spectator or official. All CSA Clubs strive for the same goal; learning and playing soccer in a positive environment.


CSA and ESYSC Policy on Lopsided Games

As a recreational soccer club, ESYSC believes that it is important to maintain good sportsmanship during games that turn out to be lopsided. Despite CSA efforts to seed teams fairly in appropriate divisions, there are always instances where teams can be drastically outmatched. Despite the lessons learned from losing, there is a difference between losing a close fought contest and being blown out. In the latter types of losses, hurt feelings can hinder the ability to absorb the life lessons involved with losing. To prevent lopsided games, CSA and ESYSC implement a Sportsmanship Rule, found in the CSA Policies and Operating Rules and coaches can refer to Lopsided Games – Ways to Keep it Fun and Fair, links below.


Game Format

The U10 age group plays 7v7, while U12 age group plays 9v9, both divisions include the use of goalies. U10 plays two 25-minute halves with a 10-minute break in between. U12 plays two 30-minute halves with a 10-minute break in between. Scores and standings are kept in both age groups.


Lopsided Games: Ways to Keep it Fun and Fair

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