What makes Competitive soccer different than Recreational?

Most players in our club play at the Recreation level. The Competitive soccer program is for those players U9 and above who are looking for a higher level of play and possess the skills necessary to compete with more advanced players/teams. Those players wishing to play at the Competitive level must attend tryouts and be selected to play on a Competitive team. The Coach is usually a parent of one of the players on the team, he or she must have an USSF E, F or Grassroots coaching license, have a background check through Live Scan, and be certified with the Positive Coaching Alliance.


Teams play 10 regular League games, and also participate in pre and post season tournaments.



Can a child play on an East Sac Soccer Competitive team if he or she doesn’t live in East Sac?

Yes. East Sac Soccer Club has open tryouts. We see players from all areas of Sacramento! Tryouts are free, and we often host clinics and skills camps so all players can “try us out” to meet our trainers and see what competitive teams are about. We strive to hold tryouts that do not conflict with other clubs so athletes can make it to their local club as well as our tryouts to determine the fit that is best for them.



Who conducts the tryouts and who makes the decisions on teams?

Typically, our team coach will run the drills and exercises during tryouts. We have evaluators (coaches of other age groups) that will be on the field evaluating and working together to place athletes on the teams most appropriate for the competition level exhibited during the sessions. We understand that tryouts can be stressful for young players and conduct the selection process to be sensitive to the feelings of those players who are not selected. Offers are typically made via telephone or email after the final tryout sessions.



How long is the soccer season for East Sac Soccer Club competitive program?

The NorCal Fall season play consists of 8-10 games from September through November. For many teams, training begins in early summer with tournaments beginning in August. Some teams choose to play in the NorCal State Cup, which runs through late Fall or early Winter for the younger age groups, and through the Spring for the older age groups. In addition, some teams may play in the NorCal Spring season, with another 8-10 games running from March through May.



What is the cost for a player’s season in the East Sac Soccer Club program?

Cost varies by team, typically ranging between $400 to $1,200. These overall costs depend on Trainer fees, uniform costs (if any), length of season, and the number of tournaments entered. The coach will provide an estimate of the season expenses at tryouts.