U7/8 Program

East Sacramento Youth Soccer Club is proud to partner with Land Park Soccer, Greenhaven Soccer Club, River Park Soccer and Delta United of Clarksburg Soccer to offer inter-club play in our Metro Kids Soccer League. After two years of playing U5 & U6 solely against other East Sac teams, our U7s and U8s teams have the opportunity to travel short distances to play against our partner clubs. The focus of the MKS partnership is to further our players’ soccer development in a fun, positive, and supportive atmosphere. All five clubs within this partnership are committed to sportsmanship, and will do everything within their power to insure that every player in the program has a positive experience.


Team and Game Format

Metro Kids Soccer is jointly administered by the presidents of the five partner clubs. All scheduling is done within the partnership.


Teams are single gender. U7 teams generally play other U7 teams; U8 teams generally play other U8 teams, unless a team’s performance (or number of teams) dictates a move to a higher or lower division.


Each team is divided into 2 teams consisting of 4 players and Substitutes, for each game. Each small team plays 4v4 games simultaneously on two parallel fields. Games are 32 minutes in length; divided into four 8-minute quarters. There is a 5 minute break between quarters. There are no goalies in this age group and score is only kept for purpose of rebalancing the divisions at the halfway point of the season. MKS clubs use Puggs or Bownets.


All MKS Clubs will do their best to provide referees for all of their home games.


All games are played at:

McKinley Park George "Butter" Cole Field located at 625 33rd St, Sacramento, CA 95816


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