Do I get a refund if my kid decides not to play soccer? 
If your child withdraws from soccer for any reason, please email the Registrar directly. Partial refunds are available on request. The Club must pay certain per-player expenses over the summer, so the amount of a refund depends on when you initiate the process with the Registrar:

  • Before July 15: Partial Refund ($75)
  • July 15 - Aug 31: Partial Refund ($50)
  • After August 31: No Refund

Why do we register so early for the Fall season?
The East Sac Club is part of a much larger organization that serves many youth players. The registration calendar is set up to meet the insurance and liability requirements of the league. At the Club level we take advantage of that long timeline to assemble teams, recruit coaches, and follow up on registration information.

Why do you need my child’s photo?
The photo is used on the Player ID card. Before every game, the referee will look at the ID card to verify that each player is actually registered with that team and the league. If a player shows up without a valid ID, he/she cannot play that game. In most cases, the team’s coach will carry all the ID cards.

We need a uniform—what do we do?
Wait till your coach assigns you a number before heading out to buy your uniform.

How do I request specific practice days and times?
We cannot accommodate requests for specific practice days and times, nor do we allow transfers to other teams for schedule reasons. Our volunteer coaches set practice schedules just before the season after the team formation process is complete. You can expect practices to begin after August 1. Most teams practice twice a week between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Younger teams usually practice for an hour at a time; older teams may practice longer.

What is my child’s soccer age group?
To determine your child’s soccer age group, use this the matrix chart under the Recreational Tab. Remember, the new changes are based on birth year. All clubs now use a calendar year from January 1 to December 31 for an age bracket.

Can my child “play up” in an older age group?
Yes, with Club approval, a player may play up in age. For safety and logistical reasons, the Club discourages this plan and will consider the situation on a case-by-case basis. Often, the request to play up will not be considered until just before the season, when we are sure that there is roster space available in the higher age group.

Can my child “play down” in a younger age group?
No, the league does not allow a child to play below his/her age group regardless of size or experience. The league allows rare exceptions due to medical or developmental conditions.

Are there co-ed teams with both boys and girls?
All our teams are co-ed in the Under-6 age group (four and five-year-old's). In the older age groups, the teams are separated by gender. The organization learned that overall participation declines when leagues are mixed-gender. Occasionally a girl will choose to play on a boys’ team and face all-male competition during the season.

When will I know about our team and coach?
Coaches receive their team rosters in mid-July and will notify players ASAP. If you haven’t been contacted by August 10, please email the registrar (contact details on the 'About Us' tab).

I might like to help coach a team…?
All of our coaches are volunteers, and many of them are brand new to soccer. We can’t do this without you! So, parents please contact our Director of Coaching, and this will help you understand the responsibilities and rewards of being a coach in our Club.

Can my child play in your club if we don’t live in East Sacramento?
Yes, we have open boundaries.

My daughter wants to stay on the same team. What do I do?
We can accommodate this request if the registration package arrives on time (May 31st) and the player’s team request is clearly expressed on the registration form. Late players and those without a clear request will be assigned at the Club’s convenience.

When does the soccer season begin?
Practices may begin August 1. Ten games are played on Saturdays, beginning after Labor Day and ending before Thanksgiving (check the Calendar link for specific dates). You will receive a schedule for the first five games, there will be one weekend off, and then a schedule will be published for the last five games.

What equipment will my player need?
Your player will need soccer cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle. We strongly encourage players to bring their own ball to practices because the club provides coaches with only a few balls. If you do purchase a ball, be sure to get the correct size: U6 and U8 players use a Size 3, U10 and U12 players use a Size 4, and U14 and up players use a Size 5.